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Under 1mb data per survey. Like chatting to your friends. Weekly surveys & rewards

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How it works


Sign up on WhatsApp

Click the signup link which will open up WhatsApp on our account. Respond to the messages to signup.


Do surveys through WhatsApp

Questions are loaded into WhatsApp and screened users complete questions


Get paid in airtime

We pay you out every Thursday in income for the work you did that week

Build custom  WhatsApp surveys, distributed to a targeted audience of respondents

Rapidly recruit previously inaccessible customer segments through our network of participants.  With a turnaround time of 2-3 days, AI-BO gives you faster and more cost-effective access to insights.

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Struggling to reach your prospective customer?

Use AI-BO to speed up your product decisions by allowing you to reach an audience that was previously hard to reach.

Reduces reliance on traditional research methods
Meeting the needs of specific communication objectives
WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in South Africa with 23 million users

Great insights start with talking to the right customer

We help identify new personas and uncover the next big opportunity with rich, comprehensive insights on changing consumers and competitors. Whether you need a kick-start to existing products, channels or customers, or to create entirely new opportunities by “uncovering unknowns”.

With all the features you need


Target participants over 9 demographic attributes, continuously update targeting and re-engage past respondents


Traditional research methods charge R100 on average, we start at just 1/4 of that


3 layers of data quality control measures in place: Identity & answer verification & answer analysis


2- 3 days turnaround time for responses from a screened audience

Empowering South Africans

We aim not only to transform your business, but also to change the lives of many South Africans by providing a platform for growth and financial freedom.

Participants are able to earn from anywhere - not restricted by geography.
Income-earning opportunity for people from low-income backgrounds.
Our surveys involve participants from a number of different backgrounds.

Start your research with AI-BO

Get responses from your target audience in days, not weeks.

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